Huge unidentified craft spotted flying over me (Possible B-2 Spirit bomber) Or UFO ? 12.8.2011.wmv (5:24)

This craft came flying out of the clouds towards my direction when i was sky watching,from the front it did not resemble a airliner what so ever. I have never seen a craft like this before. I do not know if it was a UFO, but the only logical explanation i could find to what it could be was that it could had been a B-2 Bomber. Which that alone should be almost impossible or completely illogical itself. Whatever this was it was huge! This craft had a triangular shaped when seen from the front. PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION FOR FURTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION BEFORE COMMENTING. 1. They are not common airliners going to land in either Landvetter airport nor Göteborg city Airport, since they are not even detected by radar nor the actual software designed by Landvetter Airport itself to keep track of their own flights. Keep in mind that this software even detects, unknown military crafts for example. 2. They are flying to low to be civilian crafts and should therefore be violating altitude laws. 3. They are completely silent or mostly silent, any normal jet or airliner would make our whole building shake at that close range. 4. The nearest airport is over 30 kilometers away from here, it makes no sense at all that they would be using landing lights when they are so far away from the airport. 5. I have been filming and recording these crafts for over 1 years, i got over 240 videos on my channel, so no i did not jump to any conclusions about this being a UFO the first thing i did.

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